Stutt skilaboð frá Velo-city 2011 í Sevilla

Um þessar mundir stendur yfir stór alþjóðleg ráðstefna um hjólreiðar í Sevilla á suður-Spáni.  Í gær talaði Gro Harlem Brundtland, sem er meðal annars fyrrverandi forstjóri Alþjóða heilbrigðismálastofnunni, WHO.  Á ráðstefnunni eru mættir tæknivæddir, áhugasamir og orðheppnir menn sem segja frá ráðstefnunni á samskiptrasíðunni twitter. Hér fyrir neðan eru nokkur dæmi. Það má líka fara inn á twitter og skoða, án þess að skrá sér sem notanda, og skoða til dæmis skilaboðin sem hafa verið merkt  #velocity2011 :



  1. Tonucci: adults need to take a step back and give kids more free time. Teachers shouldn't give homework. I like this guy! #velocity2011
  2. Sloman: barriers are in our heads too. Power of positive thinking.#velocity2011
  3. Penalosa: 5yrs ago, closing Times Square would have seemed impossible and Seville had no bike lanes. Things can change!#velocity2011
  4. Tonucci recommends Dallas involves the media and focuses on marketing. #velocity2011
  5. Tonucci recommends Dallas creates school pilot scheme where kids within 1km walk to school. Start work winter, launch spring.#velocity2011
  6. Sloman recommends Dallas then removes 3% of car spaces each year for 15yrs. Follow Seville - change car lanes to cycle lanes#velocity2011
  7. Sloman recommends Dallas starts with car-free days and cycle festivals. Creating positive emotion towards car absence.#velocity2011
  8. Representatives from Dallas painting a bleak picture of the city.#velocity2011
  9. @amsterdamized I believe the share varies wildly across the city and between London centre and Greater London. But point made - its a start!
  10. Tonucci: in Venice, kids don't fall into canals, regardless of lack of barriers. They look after themselves. #velocity2011
  11. Sloman: in the UK, we believed we couldn't generate cycling. Now, we believe we can, and the stats prove it. #velocity2011
  12. Penalosa not sure people love cars - rather, they love mobility. Sloman reveals half the population actually dislikes driving.#velocity2011
  13. Sloman: your mobile is now more of a status symbol than a car for teens. #velocity2011
  14. Sloman: culture change among mid-teens is important. Decline in young adults bothering to get a driving license. #velocity2011
  15. Sloman: Positive Pester Power means more adults with children are cycling than those without. #velocty2011
  16. Sloman: grass routes movement + infrastructure = virtuous circle. Need both! #velocity2011
  17. Sloman: cycling has more than doubled in 10yrs in LDN. Starting to become a cycling city. #velocity2011
  18. @bicilibre I think it was a soundbyte for audience reaction! But efficiency is fact - objective - regardless of your choice - subjective
  19. Tonucci: 650 cars per 1000 inhabitants in Italy, automotive industry prevents cities being child-friendly. #velocity2011
  20. Penalosa: we have lost the pedestrian habit in a single generation. People have walked for thousands of years. #velocity2011
  21. Tonucci finished speaking. Interesting views. Difficult for me to comment without being a parent! #velocity2011
  22. Tonucci: italian example, thousands of kids walking to school for 10yrs - 0 accidents. Those driven to school, 9 accidents#velocity2011
  23. Tonucci: children can look after themselves, in terms of walking or cycling to school. They are not stupid. #velocity2011
  24. Tonucci: proposes children aged 6+ walk to school without an adult or by walking bus. #velocity2011
  25. Tonucci: children need to make mistakes to learn to live by the rules. That isn't possible when always monitored by adults.#velocity2011
  26. Tonucci: a child who cannot walk or play suffers psychological harm. Today's cities prevent walking and playing. #velocity2011
  27. Tonucci, educational scientist and cartoonist "frato". #velocity2011
  28. @bicilibre Surely in terms of distance and speed compared to energy use, cycling is more efficient? I don't have stats to hand though!
  29. Sloman: 69% of UK adults in 1979 agreed difficult not to drink and drive and have social life. By 1997 - 19%. #velocity2011
  30. Sloman: average 14% increase in proportion adults cycling in a typical week in UK cycling demonstration towns. #velocity2011
  31. Sloman: cycling demonstration towns in UK spent on average 79% of grants of infrastructure, 21% on behaviour change.#velocity2011
  32. Interesting reactions to yesterday's "cycling clothes" comments. Perhaps worth a mini-debate in the next issue! #velocity2011
  33. @amsterdamized Drinking or cycling?!
  34. Sloman: to generate more cyclists, overcome habit, social norms, objective + subjective realities. #velocity2011
  35. Sloman: average man spends total 1300hrs pa to go 16000km at average speed 12kph. Cheaper and just as fast by bike.#velocity2011
  36. Sloman, author of Car Sick and board member of Cycling England.#velocity2011
  37. Penalosa: people are safer to ride a bike tipsy than to drive after a couple of drinks. #velocity2011
  38. Penalosa: 61% of cyclists in copenhagen bike because it's fast and easy, not because of environment or health. #velocity2011
  39. Penalosa: the grass always seems greener - cities need to stop making excuses and ACT to adapt streets for cycles. #velocity2011
  40. Penalosa: women will use safe cycling infrastructure. #velocity2011
  41. Lynn Sloman and Francesco Tonucci will be speaking at the opening plenary this morning. #velocity2011
  42. Day two kickstarts! Gil Penalosa is so upbeat, i'd like to bottle it and sell it! #velocity2011