How to get children riding bicycles?

Trine Juncher Jørgensen, Dansk cyklist forbund

Children are the basis of a healthy bicycle culture. If  children’s cycling is not supported this bicycle culture  may be lost within a single generation. The ability to cycle  is not only a valuable asset for the individual human being. It is also a great resource for society as a cycling  population will stay healthier, keep the environment clean and reduce noise pollution and traffic congestion in the  cities.
 In Denmark we strive to ensure that all children learn how  to ride a bicycle at an early age and that all children can ride their bikes safely to school – every day. In The  Danish Cyclists’ Federation we host cycling campaigns for both pre-school children “We can bike!” and children in  primary school “Bike to School”. Each year, approximately 150.000 children participate in the two  cycling campaigns. Recent investigations have documented that these campaigns are of great value to society – both  financially, regarding the children’s health and in relation to their overall learning ability.
Til baka á dagskrá ráðstefnu.