Cycling and mobility: happier and healthier children

Tim Gill, Writer, consultant and independent researcher,
Childhood is, amongst other things, a journey. Children begin this journey completely helpless, and totally dependent on adults for their every need. At its end – hopefully – lies competence, confidence, resilience and independence.
The bicycle is the perfect vehicle to support this journey. It is simple and inexpensive. It bridges the gap between the home and the wider neighbourhood. It is easy for children to learn, at just the point in their lives when their appetite for adventure and exploration starts to grow. It is healthy. And it is great fun.
Yet in most developed countries, hardly any children cycle regularly. Even in those few countries where they do, traffic levels, fears for children’s safety and wider social changes threaten to reduce cycling levels. 
Tim’s talk will look at what we can learn from countries where many children cycle. He will offer ideas about how we can overcome both real and imagined safety fears. And we will explore how we can realise the potential of cycling, and make the journey of childhood healthier and more enjoyable.
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