Dutch vision on cycle centred mobility that can be used everywhere - Hans Voerknecht

The Netherlands is moving more and more towards a cycle centred urban mobility. Car traffic is becoming too damaging to urban life: Air quality, quality of life, too much space consuming, safety, noise. Most cities experience a quantity of cars that is way beyond the carrying capacity of the city. The Netherlands are accelerating the efforts towards a society where the bicycle will be the main mode for urban transport. Government and a lot of private companies join forces in the Tour de Force. Mobility as a Service and Park + Bike play a central role in these developments. Recent studies show that investing in bicycle and public transport are way more effective in improving urban accessibility than investing in car infrastructure.

This lecture will also show how to involve stakeholders, decision makers and citizens into this major shift in mobility in Iceland as well. And why the Dutch enjoy life more because of cycling. Icelanders can experience this also even in the climate of Iceland.

And why promoting cycling is not a political issue at all in the Netherlands, but is supported by right wing parties as well as right wing partied.

Hans works on all fronts on strategic innovations in the field of sustainable mobility. More than just looking at cycling, Hans looks at the functioning of the Daily Urban System to show the big advantages of cycling. In a recent study Hans worked on, it is shown that investing in an integrated bike and public transport system is much more effective in terms of accessibility than investing in car infrastructure. Therefore, Hans is focused on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Combining cycling with public transport, but also with cars (Park & Bike) is essential. Hans has been working on the Mobiliteitsscan since 2007, an instrument which makes the effects of interventions in mobility tangible and manageable. Hans focuses on the solutions relevant for the situation abroad. Health and happiness are the most relevant fruits cycling can bring to a city. Hans helps cities reap these fruits by replacing a car dominant mobility system by a bike and public transport dominant transport system.