Jamie McQuilkin - Bikemaps: Mapping the experiences of cyclists in Reykjavik

This presentation gives the results of a Vegagerðin-funded study where cyclists' feedback on infrastructure was collected via the website bikemaps.org, and analysed.160 reports of hazards, near-misses and accidents were submitted. The main recommendations of the report are for remediation of blind corners, particular at underpasses; a team to respond to a number of diverse small issues; redesign of several junctions along main cycleways, with detailed illustrations of Hlemmur, Harpa, and Elliðaárósa; information-sharing with street-sweepers removing gravel; and further solicitation of responses from the capital area’s cycling community.


Jamie McQuilkin, R&D Manager, MSc.

Jamie is the R&D manager of ReSource International, a Kópavogur-based environmental engineering company, and has a Master's degree in Environment and Natural Resources from the University of Iceland. In addition to being a keen cyclist, he is interested in exploring ways in which people can contribute to designing the environments that they live and work within. In his other work he researches microplastic pollution, biogas generation and the reuse of waste products.